Salvågergata 8, 4006 Stavanger (se kart). Telefon 51 58 90 10. E-post:

Salvågergata 8, 4006 Stavanger (se kart). Telefon 51 58 90 10. E-post:

Salvågergata 8, 4006 Stavanger
Telefon 51 58 90 10.

Klinikk Bærheim
is approved to offer NIPT (Non-Invasive-Prenatal Test)

What is NIPT

NIPT is a blood sample taken from the pregnant woman after pregnancy week 10. It measures cell-free fetal DNA in the mother’s blood. We are allowed to test for trisomy 13, 18 and 21.

We cannot test for single-gene diseases or gender. (This is on Indication only)

Trisomy is a condition in which the fetus has an additional set of chromosomes, respectively chromosomes 13, 18 and 21. Trisomies gives various syndromes. Down syndrome, or trisomy 21, is the least serious and most known.
Trisomy 13 (Patau) and trisomy 18 (Edward) are more serious conditions, with a shorter life expectancy for the child. These are rare conditions.

All pregnant women in Norway have the right to receive NIPT, but currently it is offered to women over the age of 35 through the public health service. If you are under the age of 35, you can choose to take the test privately. The test is voluntary.

Our clinic cooperates with Eddalabs in Gothenburg. They are a serious company and have been performing NIPT in Sweden since 2016. Their team consists of specialists in genetics, fetal medicine, neonatal medicine, molecular biology, neurology, etc.

If you want NIPT

  1. Book an appointment for NIPT on phone +47 51 58 90 10, or
  2. You will then receive a 45-60 min consultation including ultrasonography with Gynecologist Bærheim or Sonographer/midwife Vetrhus.
  3. Prior to your consultation, you must log in to with BankID and read through the information. You will then receive a digital certificate that you present at reception when you arrive at the clinic. If this cannot be done due to any problems, please contact us in advance. Bring your ID.
  4. When you come, you will be given guidance and the opportunity to ask questions. We then do an ultrasonographic examination where we investigate cardiac activity, number of fetuses and gestational length. If NIPT is not possible, you will only pay for the consultation.
  5. You must sign a consent to NIPT, and we will take a blood test. The test can be taken at the earliest pregnancy week 10. The test response time is approximately 12 days.
  6. In case of normal test, you will receive SMS directly from the laboratory. In case of abnormal findings, you will be contacted by Dr. Bærheim. In some cases, she wants you in for a new consultation. If needed, she will refer you to the Centre for Fetal Medicine. If you do not have a Norwegian ID No., you will be contacted by phone in any case.

Price for NIPT is NOK 8300,-

Test response

Low probability/Negative test: Your child does not have trisomy 13.18 or 21.

High probability/Positive test: Your child may have trisomy, but it is not certain. (Positive Predictive Value is 60-70%) You will be referred to the Department of Fetal Medicine at Stavanger University Hospital for further diagnostics and clarification. Amniotic sampling can be done from pregnancy week 16.

Uncertain test: It may be due to disease of the mother or low fraction of fetal DNA in the mother’s blood. You will then be offered a new test for free. This new test must be taken at least 2 weeks after the first. 30% will have an answer after a new test.

1% will not get a result. In these cases, we recommend first trimester scan.

NIPT cannot be performed if:

  • multiples or “vanishing twin”
  • pregnant woman has received blood transfusion < 12 months ago
  • pregnant woman is organ- or stem cell transplanted
  • pregnant woman has cancer
  • pregnant woman has chromosome abnormalities herself

These conditions will affect the test and give incorrect readings.