Salvågergata 8, 4006 Stavanger (map). Phone 51 58 90 10. E-mail:

Salvågergata 8, 4006 Stavanger (map). Phone 51 58 90 10. E-mail:

Salvågergata 8, 4006 Stavanger
Phone 51 58 90 10.

Klinikk Bærheim
conduct exams, provides treatment, advice and guidance to women of all ages.

Young women

You start menstruating and develop your sexual orientation.

Some people need help with pain relief, or want an examination for irregular bleedings. Many women need contraception, either birth control pills, patch, ring, rod or insertion of an IUD. We help you choose what is right for you.

It is also important to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases if you are sexually active and change partners. Some people need an examination for pelvic or abdominal pain, and we offer gynecological examination with ultrasonography. From the age of 25, a pap smear must be taken every 3 years.

Sometimes we find ovarian cysts. These must be followed up. Some cysts need surgery, others disappear in time. We will follow up with sonography. Sometimes we find diseases such as endometriosis and PCOS.

Women wanting children

We offer assessment and treatment of involuntary infertility. The woman will receive a gynecological examination with tests and ultrasonography, and the man’s semen sample will be assessed microscopically. In addition, blood samples are taken. We give, or advise on, further treatment when it is needed.

We offer pregnancy controls. Our midwife is a highly skilled sonographer and offers pregnancy screening in addition to ordinary controls. After pregnancy, you can get a check-up and have an IUD/Spiral inserted or get a prescription for other contraception. We give advice on pelvic floor training.

Many women have mixed feelings in pregnancy, some experience anxiety for labour and the postpartum period. We aim to help couples feel safe during pregnancy and ready to face birth and the time after.

We also perform aqua- scans to see if there are structures in the uterine cavity that prevent pregnancy, and follicle measurement for those who go to fertility treatment.

About ultrasonography

Confirmation of a viable pregnancy, is best done7 weeks from the 1st day of your last menstruation. Measuring Nuchal Transluciency is ideally done gestational weeks 12-13, and ultrasonographic screening at pregnancy week 19. Our midwife has extensive experience from maternity outpatient clinic at SUS, and is certified for sonography screening in the 1st and 2nd trimester. Ultrasonography examination in pregnancy is considered safe. You will get photos, and you can bring a new USB flash drive and have the photos transferred. Remember that sometimes we make discoveries that need to be investigated further.

Ultrasonography can be done any time in pregnancy. The Baby’s face cannot always be seen. It requires the baby to be in special positions with some amniotic fluid around the face. The face is most likely to be seen in 7th or 8th month of pregnancy. We also offer growth measurement, follow-up of multiple pregnancies and foetal position at term. We have 3D and 4D.

Mature women

Cervical cytology/ pap smear and HPV tests should be taken regularly according to our recommendations. Previously it was every 3 years, but now it will depend on whether you have HPV infection or not. It is important NOT to skip these checks when you are due. Included in the consultation is a transvaginal ultrasonography to check uterus and ovaries.

During adulthood, diseases may “appear” and/or give symptoms. It can be rare conditions or more common diseases like Fibroids/Myomas, Ovarian cysts or Lichen Sclerosus/ eczema. Some people have problems with incontinence of urin or stool. Some just want a place to talk about sexuality or get tested for diseases.


In the years before and after menstruation ceases, many women experience hormonal fluctuations that affect the body in various ways. Be it hot flushes, sleep deprivation, metabolic fluctuations, aggression, depression, fatigue, muscle- and joint pain.

Some women loose interest in sex. Some need hormone therapy to have a good life. Others suffer from vaginal dryness or urinary tract infections. If you have fibroids/myomas, these can grow and cause problems. Heavy and prolonged bleedings might need treatment.

Older women

The vaginal wall, as well as the bladder wall, become thinner, and it can cause uterovaginal prolaps and urine leakage. We offer assessment and ring treatment, for those who prefer it.

Pap smears should be taken until the age of 70. If you experience vaginal bleeding more than a 1 year after the cessation of menstruation, you must come for a tissue sample from the uterine cavity, as well as an ultrasound. This is to rule out cancer.

After menopause, some people get Lichen sclerosus, a skin disease that causes burning and itching. You can also get this disease earlier in life, but most often after menopause.